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Ex-Ilva decree: effects and prospects for the Italian industry – Gianfranco Arpea interviewed by Economy Magazine

The package of measures to deal with the industrial emergency at the ILVA Group’s plant is now in force.

The Decree, issued by the Government to ensure the production and employment continuity of the plant and the companies in its supply chain, known as the ex-Ilva decree (Decree Law No. 4, 18th January 2024), also applies to all current and future corporate crisis situations.

Economy Magazine conducted an in-depth analysis on the subject and interviewed several experts to understand the impacts and prospects that the decree could have on the Italian industry.
Among the interviewees is Gianfranco Arpea, who emphasized the importance of the new regulations for public interest purposes, explaining that “the granting, free of charge, of the guarantee by the SME Fund to the small or medium-sized supplier company facing credit access difficulties, provided that the requesting company has generated over 50% of its turnover in the last two financial years. This is an unprecedented vertical state intervention in the industrial and economic supply chain and stakeholder protection. The objective of promoting credit circulation while containing the costs associated with loan repayment and reducing the risk of entanglement in credit assignment phase is clearly seen.

The full article is available here.