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The Privacy Challenges for Retailers 4.0

Ughi e Nunziante partner Massimiliano Pappalardo recently presented at the 2021 IAPP European Data Protection Intensive Online, speaking on the topic, “The Privacy Challenges for Retailers 4.0“.

In our ever-changing ecosystem, global retailers must face a myriad of privacy and data protection challenges. This session, featuring experts from prominent global retailers, will give you a better understanding of these challenges, including: defining roles and responsibilities within multinational organisations, managing complex data processing operations at a central and local level (e.g. sales operations, marketing, loyalty programmes, customer care, etc.), and tackling the privacy problems connected with the digital transformation of traditional stores into ‘phygital’ stores. Hear first-hand accounts of how global retailers manage transborder data flows in compliance with the GDPR and a growing number of extra EU privacy laws.

Click here for an overview of the GDPR fines issued by the European Data Protection Authorities in the retail industry.


  • Francesco Carparelli, Compliance Privacy Expert, Luxottica
  • Richie Evans, CIPM, CIPT, Global Privacy Officer, IKEA
  • Massimiliano Pappalardo, CIPP/E, Partner, Ughi e Nunziante Studio Legale
  • Diana Temporin, Data Protection Manager, Calzedonia

What you will learn:

  • How global retail leaders define roles and responsibilities within complex organisations.
  • How to cope with privacy problems related to the digital transformation of ‘brick and mortar’ stores.
  • How global retailers manage transborder data flows.

For more information or to download view the webinar, click here.