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Ughi e Nunziante hosting conference on Private Equity and SMEs in Venice

Ughi e Nunziante, together with TopLegal and AIFI, will host a conference in Venice on May 11, 2007 titled “Development Strategies for SMEs: the role of financial institutions and private equity”.

The morning session will be introduced by Marcello Gioscia. The panel will include, among others, Prof. Vincenzo Donativi, of counsel at Ughi e Nunziante, who will lecture on corporate governance issues in the relationship between investment funds and target companies, Alberto Regazzo, a partner at Bain & Co. Italy, and Elena Zambon, Chairman of Zambon S.p.A. The panel will be coordinated by Franco Cesa Bianchi of Banca Leonardo.

The afternoon session will be opened by Fiorella Alvino. The panel will be moderated by Giampio Bracchi, Chairman of AIFI, and will include Giovanni Tamburi, Chairman of Tamburi Investment Partners, Vittorio Pignatti Morano, Head of Private Equity Europe at Lehman Brothers, Angelo Tantazzi, Chairman of Borsa Italiana, and Salvatore Bragantini, Chairman of MAC (Alternative Capital Market).

Source: Ughi e Nunziante