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Ughi e Nunziante with Avanzalia in the sale of six solar power plants to the IKAV fund

Milan, 6 July 2018 – IKAV Global Energy Sarl and the AVANZALIA Group seal their first purchase agreement in Italy. Specifically, the Luxembourg Fund purchased six solar power plants from the Spanish Group. Furthermore, the companies have agreed to look for other opportunities to work together towards the development of the AVANZALIA Group worldwide.

The Avanzalia Group specializes in the promotion, development and design of sustainable energy, industrial scale solar plants and PPAs with corporate clients.

Avanzalia was assisted by Ughi e Nunziante, with a team composed of partner Gianluigi Pugliese and senior associate Anna Vanni, as well as partner Antonello Lupo and associate Francesca Veroli on tax matters.

Ughi e Nunziante with Avanzalia