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Ughi e Nunziante with Bial in the transfer of the immunotherapy companies to Roxall

Ughi e Nunziante assisted Bial, leading Portuguese multinational in the pharmaceutical sector, in the transfer of its immunotherapy Business to the German company Roxall. The transaction closed with the transfer to Roxall of Bial’s companies operating in Italy, Portugal and Spain in the immunotherapy sector.

Ughi e Nunziante, with a team composed of senior associate Benedetto Colosimo and associates Pietro Pastorello and Francesco Orlando, assisted Bial with regard to the transfer of the Italian subsidiary Bial-Aristegui Italia S.r.l. to Roxall.

Following the transfer of its immunotherapy business unit, Bial aims at increasing its presence in Italy in other strategic sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, by means of other subsidiaries which are already active in Italy.





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