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Ughi e Nunziante with OSMOS Group and SANLIEN Technology Corp in the acquisition of SIAP+Micros

Rome, 13 September 2018 – OSMOS, a renowned specialist in Structural Health Monitoring systems (SHM) owned by the French Group EREN, and SANLIEN Technology Corp, a Taiwan-based company, supplier of specialized civil engineering services, jointly purchased SIAP + Micros Srl, Italian leader in meteorological, hydrological and environmental monitoring systems.

OSMOS and SANLIEN, specialists in structural behavior analysis for buildings, infrastructures and industrial applications, already monitor a wide range of infrastructures worldwide, and have grown into leaders in the supply of integrated monitoring services.

The partnership among SIAP + Micros, OSMOS and SANLIEN represents an unparalleled combination of different products, services and technical know-how, which enables it to offer a wide range of complementary integrated monitoring solutions for the civil and industrial construction industry and infrastructures.

OSMOS and SANLIEN were assisted by Ughi e Nunziante Studio Legale, with a team composed of partners Laurence Bulan and Luigi Cascone, and senior associate Anna Vanni.

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