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Brain drain, the 5 recipes to counteract it – Barbara Pizzoni interviewed by Avvenire

According to data from Aire, the Registry Office of Italians Resident Abroad, the number of Italians living abroad for more than a year , registered as of 1 January 2023, has risen to almost six million, an increase of more than 127,000 expatriates compared to 2021.

In order to promote the return of talents to Italy, several tax changes have been introduced, aimed at both Italians working abroad and foreigners interested in settling in our country. These changes should, at least in theory, make the Italian tax system more competitive.

Barbara Emma Pizzoni, interviewed by Avvenire on the subject, confirmed the positive impact of these measures, but also highlighted a critical issue: ‘In recent years, Italy has adopted tax policies that have made the country an attractive place for foreign talent and capital. With measures aimed at different types of subjects, the various favourable regimes have led to a growing inflow that has been able to counteract some structural weaknesses that over the years have rather led to an outflow of qualified resources (level of remuneration, complexity of bureaucracy, etc.)‘.

The full article is available here.