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Minimum wage, experts: ‘Pitfalls even in collective bargaining’ – Federico Torzo interviewed by Adnkronos

Adnkronos conducted an investigation into the minimum wage in Italy and the absence of a national discipline.
This instability leads to a continuous bouncing of the issue from the field of judicial authority to that of the unions, with the effect of generating uncertainty and wage paradoxes.

Federico Torzo, interviewed on the issue recalls that “the Lombardy Regional Administrative Court (Tar Lombardia) ruled on the revocation of a Labor Inspectorate report (…). According to the Court, it is the most representative National Collective Bargaining Agreement (NCBA), namely that of private security, that determines the parameter of proportionality and sufficiency of pay. From the judiciary, the ball is therefore back in the court of the unions and the government.

The full article is available here.