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“Real estate, the market is slowing down, but funds do not stop” Andrea Ughi’s interview for ItaliaOggi’s thematic focus

Italia Oggi published an in-depth article by Antonio Ranalli on the Italian Real Estate market, which recorded a 20% increase in 2022 compared to the previous year.

The first nine months of 2022 were the main driver, raising 9.7 billion euros, against a sharply declining last quarter, partly due to the geopolitical situation that led to rising energy costs and interest rates.

According to Andrea Ughi, “The sector related to students accommodation is definitely on the rise, with an expected significant increase for the coming years. This trend reflects the progressive and constant growth in numbers of students enrolled at Italian universities. This is also due to Brexit, which has led to a reduction in the flow of students towards the United Kingdom, favoring a greater concentration of students in EU universities, among which those in many Italian cities have certainly come to the fore.

Last but not least, some regions allow these facilities, for a few months, to perform hostel functions, ensuring full occupancy of the structure all-year-round.

There is no slowdown in the office sector, and indeed market demand is always growing in the Milan market, which is increasingly managed by international real estate funds, both for development and marketing. As for the residential sector, there is a growing search for more space, which has led to the revitalization of less central areas, especially in large cities like Milan. This in turn is leading to major investments by market players in semi-peripheral areas (including build-to-rent transactions).”

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