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“Shipping law, the crisis opens up new spaces for law firms”. Andrea Marega interviewed by Italia Oggi

This week, ItaliaOggi Sette focus is on the shipping sector.
Specifically, Antonio Ranalli conducted a survey on the structural changes and multiple challenges faced by the global maritime industry in the light of the pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
One of the professionals interviewed was our Partner Andrea Marega, expert in Administrative, Regulatory and Antitrust Law, who notes how the logistics, shipping and maritime transport sector has undergone such far-reaching changes globally that antitrust authorities in Europe and the US have exceptionally adopted exemptions in the fight against cartels.
Shipping companies – which were already expecting a decrease in overall maritime traffic – were allowed to join forces, resulting in a significant increase in the cost of goods.
The impact is such, says Marega, that it “calls into question the relocation of production, which is the result of the globalised economy”.

The full focus is available here