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Ughi e Nunziante – Studio Legale with Luigi Cascone to assist the city of Valencia in returning the ‘San Dimas’ attributed to the Spanish master Juan de Ribalta

Milan, 2 March 2023 – Last February 28 in Valencia, Spain, the return of the work of art that was stolen in 1979 from the church of San Miguel de los Reyes and that, thanks to Interpol, was found in the possession of an Italian citizen who claimed its purchase by adverse possession, was officially presented to the public. The work of art is now back in Valencia where it will be exhibited at the City Museum after some restoration work due to the damages suffered at the time of the theft.

Luigi Cascone, Partner of Ughi e Nunziante – Studio Legale, assisted the Municipality of Valencia in the long-lasting civil litigation, which began in 2008 before the Court of La Spezia (Italy) to claim ownership of the painting and ended in 2021 with the rejection by the Court of Appeal of Genoa of all the appeals filed by the other party to the ruling that in 2016 recognized the ownership of the painting to the Municipality of Valencia.

The judgment was then followed by the release phase from the criminal court, which concluded last Friday with the painting’s return to its city of origin. Also in this last phase, the Municipality of Valencia was supported by Ughi and Nunziante with a team composed, in addition to Luigi Cascone, of Counsels Carlo Delle Piane and Carmen Oriani and Associate Flavio Rodi.