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Ughi e Nunziante with Zeus Packaging Group in the acquisition of Cima Paper

Ughi e Nunziante – Studio Legale assisted Zeus Packaging Group, a leading global packaging solutions company based in Ireland, in the acquisition of a 70% stake in Cima Paper S.p.A., a company specializing in the paper and cardboard sector.

With the acquisition, Zeus will strengthen its production capacity, optimize existing Italian operations and expand Cima’s reach throughout Europe.

Ughi e Nunziante, with a team led by partner Giuseppe Coco, along with associates Riccardo Maraga for labour profiles and Giuseppe Nasello for corporate profiles, assisted Zeus in all aspects related to due diligence, SPA negotiation, and post-closing relationships with the sellers.

The sellers were assisted by lawyers Matteo Frigerio and Francesco Arlati.