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Equality and Diversity Policy

General commitment

Ughi e Nunziante – Studio Legale (the “Firm”) considers diversity to be a fundamental part of its identity as a law firm and is committed to promoting equality and diversity throughout the Firm, providing training, raising awareness and creating a work environment that maintains a culture of mutual respect and consideration, ensuring that all are treated equally and with the same attention, courtesy and respect, regardless of age, disability, gender, marital status, race, ethnic or national origin, nationality, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation.

This commitment is reflected in the Firm’s professional dealings with all staff and partners, clients, other lawyers and third parties. The Firm’s philosophy is to include women and minority lawyers at all levels of the Firm leadership and to create a talented mix that enhances the high quality, creativity and excellence in legal services that our clients have come to expect over the years.

The Firm’s mix of minority and women lawyers is one of the most diverse in Italy with women lawyers serving as members of the firm’s management team and leading of some important practice groups.

Regulation and legislation

The Firm applies and complies with the Italian National Bar Council’s Code of Conduct for Lawyers in all its dealings and with all current and will comply with any future anti-discrimination legislation and associated codes of practice, and, in particular with the Constitution of Italy.

Diversity and inclusion

The Firm does not tolerate discrimination on any grounds be it direct discrimination, where a person is treated less favourably on the grounds of race or racial group, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age or disability, or indirect discrimination where an apparently neutral provision, criterion or practice would put a substantially higher proportion of the members of one sex or persons having a racial or ethnic origin or a particular religion or belief or a particular disability or a particular sexual orientation or age group, at a particular disadvantage compared with other persons.

Victimisation and harassment whether through physical, verbal and non-verbal acts, is not tolerated by the Firm  that will take immediate action in response to any such act.

Employment and training

The Firm treats all its lawyers and employees equally and ensures that they work in an environment which is free from discrimination and harassment, promotes inclusion and respects their diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Benefits provided such as working hours, maternity, paternity and other leave arrangements, performance appraisal systems, dress code, bonus schemes and any other conditions will not discriminate against any member of staff or lawyer.

The Firm endeavours, in an active way, to provide facilities and conditions of service reflecting the specific needs of staff and lawyers which arise from their ethnic or cultural background, gender, responsibilities as carers, disability, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation.

Promotion within the Firm is based solely on merit and made in accordance with the principles of equality and diversity.

Recruitment and promotion selection criteria and processes are constantly kept under review to ensure that there is no discriminatory impact on any particular group.

All our lawyers have equal access to training and other career development opportunities, however, the Firm will take positive action measures where appropriate to provide special training and support for groups which are underrepresented in the workforce and encourage them to take up training and career development opportunities.

The Firm encourages a life–work balance among its employees and lawyers and offers flexible working options that are intended to provide staff with viable alternatives that fit in with their family obligations.

The Firm recognises the benefits of having a diverse workforce, encouraging actively a workplace where everyone is valued for their skills and contribution. Accordingly the Firm take steps to ensure that it recruits from the widest pool of qualified candidates, that all employment opportunities are open and accessible to all on the basis of their individual qualities and merits, that, where appropriate, positive action measures are taken to attract applicants from all sections of society and especially from under-represented groups and that selection criteria and processes do not discriminate unjustifiably.


The Procedures for selecting partners, their terms and conditions of partnership, their access to benefits facilities or services and termination arrangements are reviewed and amended where necessary to reflect the Firm’s commitment to equality and diversity in accordance with the legislation in force and our general commitment.


The Firm does everything possible to meet the different needs of all its clients and seeks to provide services that meet the specific requirements of clients who are vulnerable. We regularly provide our services pro bono to diverse clients taking account of their circumstances and specific needs and  providing them with exactly the same legal services enjoyed by our other clients.

Equality and diversity training and awareness

All the Firm’s lawyers, partners and employees are aware of the Firm’s Equality and Diversity Policy and are expected to pay due regard to it when conducting business on the Firm’s behalf. The Firm seeks to promote the principles of equality and diversity in all its dealings including those with suppliers, contractors and recruitment agencies.

The Firm reflects its commitment to equality and diversity in its marketing and communication activities.

Implementing the policy

When undertaking their jobs or representing the firm all lawyers and partners of the Firm are aware of and expected to pay due regard to the provisions of the Policy and are responsible for ensuring compliance with it on a day-to-day basis.

Disciplinary action will be taken against any acts of discrimination or harassment by employees, lawyers or partners of the firm and failure to comply with the Policy would be treated in a similar way.

The Firm will treat seriously and will investigate all complaints of discrimination or harassment made by employees, partners, clients or third parties. All such complaints will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.

Monitoring and review of the Firm’ s Equality and Diversity Policy

The Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to measure its progress and judge its effectiveness. Feedback provided by staff and partners helps in the monitoring of the success of the Policy in respect of staff issues identified.