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Fair compensation for media editors: what happened to the value gap? An in-depth article by Daniela De Pasquale

On Agenda Digitale, an in-depth article by Daniela De Pasquale focuses on Directive 790/19 on copyright and related rights in the digital single market, and the so-called ‘value gap,’ which refers to the disparity between the perceived value by creators of journalistic content and the value obtained by intermediaries who distribute such content online.

As evidenced by the recent clash between Meta and SIAE, the relationship between content providers and online platforms remains challenging. Back in 2019, Directive 790 was met with great controversy, having to establish a delicate balance between the needs to protect freedom of information, expression, and creativity and those of content provider businesses; similarly, protests followed the implementation decree of the Directive in 2021, which definitively established a principle of liability for platforms that, after being informed, used copyrighted content without authorization due to their users’ public communication of protected works, risking potential content censorship as a result of abuse of remedies available to rights holders.

In this article, we delve into the procedures for calculating fair compensation for media editors proposed by platforms.

For further reading, the full article is available here.